What do you know about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada?

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada was established by the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement. Its mandate is to gather survivor testimony and government and institutional records and to inform all Canadians about what happened in Indian Residential Schools. The TRC has a five year mandate and is supported by a TRC Secretariat, which is a federal government department.

The TRC is hosting a major national event September 18th- the 21st. UBC has taken the extraordinary step of suspending classes on September 18th so that students, faculty, and staff of the UBC community might more fully participate in this historic Truth and Reconciliation event.

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What does the TRC hope to achieve?

The TRC hopes to guide and inspire Aboriginal peoples and Canadians in a process of reconciliation and renewed relationships that are based on a more complete understanding of Canadian history, mutual understanding and respect.

The TRC going forward

The TRC will prepare a comprehensive historical record on the policies and operations of the schools and produce a report that will include recommendations to the Government of Canada concerning the IRS system and its legacy. The Commission is hosting seven national events in different regions across Canada to promote awareness and public education about the IRS system and its impacts. A national research centre is being established in Winnipeg that will be a permanent resource for all Canadians. UBC is working to formalize its affiliation with that centre.

What does this mean for you as an Instructor?

In preparation for the West Coast National Event of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Vancouver from September 18-21, UBC has made a significant move to suspend most classes on September 18 so that students, faculty, and staff may meaningfully participate in the national event.

This day should not be treated as a suspension of learning, but a restructuring and relocation of learning. Several events will be taking place at the Pacific National Exhibition (the central location), on campus, and across the city (see events here). This is a refreshing opportunity for learners and educators at UBC from all nations and disciplines to learn about and think through and learn more about our shared history and the ways in which a more complete and honest understanding of it may lead to a better future..

How can you learn more?

Do you need to read more about the TRC? Would you like to know how you can integrate TRC material into your teaching and learning environment? Consider the following resources:

1. Review the UBC Faculty TRC Guide (click this link or image below):

This PDF details the many ways that UBC Faculty can get involved including attending the September 18th TRC event at the Pacific Coliseum, incorporating materials about Indian Residential Schools into class teachings, and encouraging students to engage with the day!


2. Register for a CTLT Workshop:

Incorporating Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Resources into Your Teaching and Learning:

This September 5th CTLT workshop is an opportunity for faculty, staff, and other interested parties to connect with educational resources that could be integrated and contextualized into their courses to raise awareness of the Residential Schools and their significance. This hands-on session will explore the appropriate open educational resources, tools, and strategies that instructors can use to help create meaningful engagement with the TRC event. Register here: http://www.events.ctlt.ubc.ca/events/view/2759

3. "'Visit the Indigenous Foundations website""":

http://indigenousfoundations.arts.ubc.ca for a concise introduction to Indian Residential School history, and watch one of the videos there. 4. Read "Truth and Reconciliation at UBC: Confronting Our Legacies'':

Sarah Ling shares her reflection on the UBC Truth and Reconciliation Commission Student Conference held on April 5, 2013 as a student and presenter. Please visit the Indian Residential School Initiative website for more information and a list of events associated with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. (source: http://ctlt.ubc.ca/2013/07/25/truth-and-reconciliation-at-ubc-confronting-our-legacies-2/)

source: http://wiki.ubc.ca/Sandbox:Trc_whatdoyouknow