“MentorLink: A multilogue with leading professionals” Filmmaking “Reconciliation” around the world on campus

Are you interested in being mentored in filmmaking, adding to the experience that you have already gained?

Do you want to make a documentary and meet students from around the world?

Are you curious about “reconciliation” in other traditions and cultures?

Mentor LinkThis July, you have an opportunity over the course of one month to meet students from other disciplines and cultures, who are as passionate as you are about filmmaking. Engage in a student-led project, which may be used during Reconciliation Week on the Iona Pacific Inter-religious Centre website. As well, your film might be shown during the academic year for the campus community and community leaders. You can use this film project on your resume/CV and LinkedIn account as a sample for future employers and graduate programs, demonstrating teamwork, critical analysis, and innovation. Create an innovative project, be mentored by professionals on and off campus, and make a difference in the world.

Register at https://www.vst.edu/main/programs/iona-pacific/ip-mentor-registration

Website link: http://www.ionapacific.ca/youth-leadership

Facebook: Places – “MentorLinkAtIP”
Twitter: @MentorLinkAtIP
Contact: Aliya Hirji at aliya@ionapacific.ca or 604-822-0245 for more info

As well, we are looking for students on campus who would like to be interviewed about the meaning of “reconciliation” in their life. Please contact Aliya Hirji if you are interested in being interviewed during by students in the MentorLink program.

This program is being sponsored by Iona Pacific Inter-religious Centre at Vancouver School of Theology. We thank the Government of Canada, the Province of BC, and EmbraceBC for funding this program.