Chief Robert Joseph

Chief Robert Joseph entered the Indian Residential School System as a young child. During the many years he spent there, he lost much of his hearing through the repeated blows he received to his head. As it became more difficult to hear questions, he received more punishment for not having answers, and the possibilities for a real education drifted ever further away. Chief Joseph is now an honoured leader with Reconciliation Canada, and a valued speaker at UBC and other universities, helping the current generation of faculty and students better understand the history and effects of the Indian Residential Schools and the prospects for imagining a better future.

Get Involved: UBC is committed to working with Chief Joseph and other community leaders and organizations to develop a better awareness and understanding of the Indian Residential School system and other policies and institutions that have at times drastically affected Aboriginal peoples and communities, and to understanding and celebrating the ways in which people and communities have worked to maintain their integrity and vibrancy. Explore this site and visit the Reconciliation Canada and other websites noted on our page to learn more.