Student Art Show: Submissions Welcome

“Truth and Reconciliation through Art”: Power to Change is an AMS student club on campus and we wish to invite the UBC community to participate in expressing how one understands truth and the need for reconciliation through art and creative expression. This is in partnership with the First Nations House of Learning. Art, poetry, song, dance or personal story submissions can be made by a certain date (TBA) in the Fall semester. All are welcome to join our opening night for a time of story sharing, music, dance, and poetry.

We would like to book the Student Union Buildings Art Gallery from October 14-18th and feature artwork done by any student, administrator, alumni or anyone within the campus community. The art would focus on the topic of truth and reconciliation as we see it. We would like to have a opening evening with personal stories, music, dance, food, and poetry-reading in the art gallery, or in the SUB commons area surrounding it, depending on how many submissions we receive and what attendance numbers we expect.

To get involved, email