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Sk’aad Ga Gud ad is~Learning balance

Sk’aad Ga Gud ad is~Learning balance

UBC Forestry together with the Haida Gwaii Higher Education Society are taking a new approach to natural resource education with their collaborative, community-based semesters in natural science and socio-economic approaches to natural resource management.     Undergraduate students from all across Canada are experiencing a different kind of education whilst being immersed in the local […]

Technology and Reconciliation: Legacy of Indian Residential Schools

In support of the Truth and Reconciliation process at UBC, the UBC Learning Circle will be hosting a live and interactive workshop on the Legacy of Indian Residential Schools presented by Angela White, Workshop Coordinator with the Indian Residential School Survivors Society. Our network of 90 videoconference units in health centres and band offices in First Nations communities across BC means that survivors, Elders, and community members who otherwise would not be able to travel to Vancouver for TRC events will have the opportunity to begin the healing process in their own homes and communities.

BC Rainforest Biology Collage

Connecting Biology to September 18th (and Indian residential schools) in a first year class.

Students in Biology 121 spend about one-third of the term learning about, and discussing ecosystems, ecological communities and interactions. They also practice thinking critically and making predictions about the many effects that can result from the disruption of a single factor in a community. In the upcoming 2013 Fall term, students in one section of […]

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