Changing the Lens Workshop Participants Wanted!

“Changing the Lens” is a UBC theatre project exploring cultural identity that is developing an exploration of Indian Residential School history. Would you like to get involved? Contact

Our Truth: Truth and Reconciliation at UBC

Our Truth: Truth and Reconciliation at UBC

From “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada was established to gather testimony on survivors’ experiences of the Indian Residential Schools. From the 18th to the 21st of September 2013, the Commission will be conducting the last of its west coast National Events in Vancouver. UBC has taken the extraordinary step of suspending classes […]

Darryl Hol

Reflections: September 18th, 2013 TRC Event

“They call it ‘Residential School Syndrome’, and it just goes on and on and on.” These words from Leonard Alexcee, a survivor of the Port Alberni Indian Residential School, as he shared his story with Justice Murray Sinclair and an audience of witnesses at the Pacific Coliseum on the first day of the Truth and […]

Sharing Our Truth: September 18th programming at the First Nations House of Learning

Sharing Our Truth: September 18th programming at the First Nations House of Learning

On Sept. 18,  CTLT and other UBC units will be hosting a full day of programming at the UBC Longhouse. You are encouraged to drop by for however long you are able to and participate with other members of the university who will be on campus that day.     9:00-10:00am (PNE broadcast) Welcome to the […]

Sk’aad Ga Gud ad is~Learning balance

Sk’aad Ga Gud ad is~Learning balance

UBC Forestry together with the Haida Gwaii Higher Education Society are taking a new approach to natural resource education with their collaborative, community-based semesters in natural science and socio-economic approaches to natural resource management.     Undergraduate students from all across Canada are experiencing a different kind of education whilst being immersed in the local […]

UBC Okanagan campus – The Road to Reconciliation:

UBC Okanagan campus – The Road to Reconciliation:

Aboriginal Programs and Services, the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, Indigenous Studies, and the Library have partnered to develop a series of events and programming that align with the goals and principles of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and that coincide with the last National Event in Vancouver.  In order to provide a wide-range […]

Erica Baker is the coordinator for a student-directed seminar on reconciliation. Photo: Don Erhardt.

Confronting the past, looking to the future

A new seminar on the effects of Canada’s residential schools gives students a chance to contribute to something bigger than themselves Talking about Canada’s past with Indian residential schools – and how to move forward – can be a sensitive subject, but one Erica Baker refuses to shy away from. The UBC student is the […]

What’s race got to do with it?

Where does race come into our work as anti-violence workers and support workers? Why should we care about race? Mainstream media and Canada’s ‘Multiculturalism’ policies tells us that we’re living in a ‘post-racial’ world; A world that is past the so-called race question. An alluring sentiment indeed, but one that is deeply flawed. Spreading the […]

Sept 12 Library Workshop

UBC Library Staff and SLAIS Students Participate in Workshop

On Sept 12, UBC Librarians, Library staff, and students from the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies Program are learning about and discussing the roles of library and information workers with the TRC.

Helen Halbert

Learning technologies, information practice, and the Indian Residential School System

Students in LIBR 569A will tools in Blackboard Connect to reflect on problem-based scenarios that illustrate the disconnect between accepted library and archival practice and respectful engagements with Indigenous peoples and cultures. Course content will also introduce students to a range of technologies and how their use meets the needs of or conflicts with contemporary […]