The TRC and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences give students tools to make a difference

Dr. Judith Soon outside the UBC Museum of Anthropology. Photograph by Martin Dee, UBC

Dr. Judith Soon outside the UBC Museum of Anthropology. Photograph by Martin Dee, UBC

This fall, in support of the Indian Residential School Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) events at the Pacific Coliseum, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is implementing several initiatives to raise awareness of the TRC and the history of Indian Residential Schools among Faculty, staff, and students. Pharmacy classes at UBC will be cancelled on September 18th to enable an opportunity for individuals to participate in TRC activities of interest.

Pharmaceutical Care in Aboriginal Health course instructors Jason Min and Larry Leung will encourage their students to participate in TRC events on September 18, and are devoting their lecture on September 20 to discussing these events and students experiences of them.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty member Dr. Judith Soon is working with Jason and Larry to create a presentation for the second year pharmacy curriculum that will allow students to explore Aboriginal terminology, cultural sensitivity, and health access issues. Second year pharmacy students will have the opportunity to utilize this knowledge during their clinical placements, and make a positive difference in Aboriginal health at their community and institutional pharmacy placement sites. This presentation for second year students is intended to be an ongoing component of the pharmacy curriculum.

The Faculty will also be reaching out to the broader community through informational displays, including a timeline covering the history of residential schools and news on local and national TRC activities. These displays will run on the Story of Medicines Impact Media Wall and the digital signs throughout the building, from September 16 to 21.