Technology and Reconciliation: Legacy of Indian Residential Schools

The UBC Learning Circle is an ongoing, community-driven videoconference and computer webinar initiative facilitating knowledge sharing about Aboriginal health and wellbeing. Priority areas include skills enhancement for health care workers, enabling community dialogues about successful practices in health and wellness, and connecting researchers and communities.

In support of the Truth and Reconciliation process at UBC, we will be hosting a live and interactive workshop on the Legacy of Indian Residential Schools presented by Angela White, Workshop Coordinator with the Indian Residential School Survivors Society. Our network of 90 videoconference units in health centres and band offices in First Nations communities across BC means that survivors, Elders, and community members who otherwise would not be able to travel to Vancouver for TRC events will have the opportunity to begin the healing process in their own homes and communities.

This workshop will journey through Canadian history and explore how colonial policies and legislation affected the Indigenous peoples of Canada. Angela facilitates taking a deeper look at how these policies not only impacted residential school survivors directly, but also continue to impact the generations that followed.

For more information and to register for this free videoconference and webinar session on September 11 at 10 a.m., please visit