Open-Ending & Architecture: Design in the First Nations Context

9:30AM – 12:30PM

As part of the West Coast National Event of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission activities at UBC, four members of the Architecture Program of the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture will take this significant opportunity discuss their involvement working in project-based collaborations with First Nations communities in British Columbia and Yukon.

The topics will address a broad set of issues and varieties of collaboration, including the professional, technical and cultural issues of planning, building and capacity building, design/build activities and youth education, storytelling and history, economic development and self-determination.

Prototype 1: outhouse construction at Tàkwàzhän. Building the outhouse at Tàkwàzhän.

Prototype 1: outhouse construction at Tàkwàzhän
Building the outhouse at Tàkwàzhän.


9:30am Coffee, Opening Remarks and Video Introduction
What is “Reconciliation”? Justice Sinclair’s View

10:00am ALANNA QUOCK BA, SALA MArch Candidate
Articulating Identity: Reflections on Designing a Process and Means of Healing for the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations

10:30am JOHN BASS Chair, SALA Architecture Program
Storytelling in Pictures and Plans

11:00am Coffee Break and Q&A Discussion

11:15am KELLY EDZERZA-BAPTY Arch Tech, BDes, SALA MArch
Without Reservations

11:45am GREG JOHNSON Architect AIBC, PEng
First Nation Schools: Collaboration & Consideration

12:15pm Final Q&A Discussion

The public is welcome to attend, and coffee will be served.